Basic CMS Website Proposal

“Build up your website to satisfy various needs of customer and latest web environment”


  1. Save you time and money for maintaining the website.
  2. Expand your customer service territory using proper navigation function.
  3. Take true CMS(Contents Management System) for managing efficiency.
  4. Get higher rank in search engine using SEO(Search Engine Optimized) structure.
  5. Plan your next business strategy using website analytic tools.
  6. Communicate with your customer using newsletter and syndication feeds.

Role and Responsibility


  1. Construct CMS Website – Frontend for user + Backend for Administrator
  2. Website Design and Programming
  3. Support inputing initial information (designed pages with photos are optional)
  4. Install google web tools (analytics tool)
  5. Advice of website operation.


  1. Support and advice an operating for first 3 months.
  2. First 3 month free system maintenance
  3. Payable system maintenance : Back up service, Functional add-on, Modification and Handling Core bug issue.
  4. Payable marketing support : Affiliate program, Advice better contents, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), PPC(Pay per Click)


  1. Unlimited categories
  2. Unlimited contents
  3. Easy to navigate
  4. Easy to organize
  5. Built in in-site search
  6. Blog archives
  7. Strong SSL
  8. Unlimited email account

Fast work Schedule

  1. Meeting : Brainstorming – function & design concept
  2. Draft : Function & Design confirmation
  3. Design & Programming
  4. Meeting : Review & release confirmation
  5. Debugging & education
  6. Luanch : Final check & install web analytics
  7. Start maintenance